Metal and Non Metal

Metal and Non Metal Works

Cladding works

RVCC's cladding division is a high efficient, well-equipped operation centre. We empower the most modern and advanced CNC machine for cutting, bending rolling and fabrications. For various range of finishes, solid and composite aluminum cladding panels have been used with this type of advanced machineries.

This Division is managed and supported by highly skilled and experienced technical team having vast experience in development and production of high performance composite aluminum cladding materials. The Cladding Division staff are equipped to deliver highest international standards for quality and performance, and to meet the challenges of the most complex architectural designs.

Aluminium Sheet Metal Cladding

Metal sheet cladding comprises solid (non-composite) aluminum sheet metal which can be anodized or polyester powder-coated, and is formed by pressing and folding to create a huge variety of cladding panels for columns, canopies, lift-surrounds, interior wall-lining, Exterior wall cladding and as back-pans for spandrel areas in curtain walls where the spandrel material is glass

Aluminium composite panel (ACP) Cladding

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are a superior alternative to solid aluminium sheets and offer a superb combination of light weight, rigidity, flatness, attractive appearance and durability, all with superb handling and processing attributes. ACP is a cost-effective cladding product which allows you to create visually attractive and well-engineered design solutions for the in-filling of opaque areas of aluminium glazed facades. ACP is available in 3.0 to 7.0mm overall thicknesses 4mm in normal practice and considered as middle east standard and is also available in normal and full Fire-Rated grades. Surface finish is either PVDF or “Lumiflon” based, fluorocarbon paint systems in an extensive range of standard colour, metallic colour and, in case of large projects, a range of custom colour. Aluminium Composite panels guarantee you a brilliant and uniform surface finish as well as durable weather-proofing and UV stability.

Aluminium and Glass works

RVCC is a certified and approved fabricator of ReynaersAluminium, Belgium to supply, Install and service Reynaers Products throughout the kingdom.

The Reynaers Group has presence in more than 60 countries across five continents.

Reynaers has designed cutting-edge glazing solutions for some of the world's most iconic buildings. Engineered without compromise, the Reynaers range of aluminium glazing products is specified time and again by the world's leading architects and construction companies.

RVCC along with Reynaers at Home collection features an extensive range of products in hundreds of colors and finish for bespoke designs. Product scope includesAluminium and glass products like doors, windows, sliding system, folding system, hinge system, Automatic sliding system, Automatic Revolving Doors, Structural Glazing System, Curtain Wall system, Spider systems, Glass Handrails, Frameless Screens, Skylights, Domes, Louvers etc.



    i. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings.

  • 1. Residential buildings
  • 2. Commercial buildings
  • 3. Ware houses and Factories
  • 4. Bridge supports
  • 5. Pedestrian bridges
  • 6. Tension fabric system
  • 7. Pergola & Tents
  • 8. Monuments

    i. Normal, aesthetic Metal and wrought iron works

  • 1. Sheet metal cladding in Mild steel, Corten steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, brass, Cast iron & ACP
  • 2. Railings: Guard and Hand railing for stairs and stair-wells and roads.
  • 3. Grab rails for bathrooms and toilets.
  • 4. Handicap rails in hospitals, front shop malls and Public parks and buildings.
  • 5. Street Furniture for street &Gardens such as Fencing, Benches, Trash receptacles, Bollards, Tree grates, Pedestrian Guard rails, Planter boxes, Litter bins, Re-cycle bins, fire Hydrant rails, street flags, light poles and flags, shades, Children play area safety rails, Highway/street safety railing and bollards, sign lighting bollards, Revolving flag poles, Windsocks, road side safety bollards and Road safety equipment.
  • 6. Desert Fencing System for Perimeter fences, Green fields, and animal husbandry and Horse farms.
  • 7. Gratings: Tree gratings, Surface water gratings, Slit drainage gratings in steel, stainless steel, Cast iron and Galvanized steel.
  • 8. Manhole Frames and Covers: Custom made in Steel, Stainless steel, cast iron and Galvanized steel.
  • 9. Cage ladders, Steel Barriers and expansion Joints Steel bridge and abutments.

    i. Street, Garden and compound Furniture, fencing system, Ceiling system

  • 1. All kind of Furniture and Barriers
  • 2. Fencing and patrician for Safety, privacy and noise barriers in GRP, GRC. Plastic, Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Artificial wood.
  • 3. Seating benches in garden, street walkways, public places and residential buildings.
  • 4. Glazing for Doors, gates, windows and partitions with Glass, artificial wooden, Polycarbonate and Acrylic sheets.
  • 5. Gypsum work for ceiling & walls.


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