Quality Policy

  • To continuously upgrade, maintain the quality standards in Project Management and Consultancy Service
  • To sustain customer satisfaction by comprehensively meeting customer expectations and proactively attending to the implied ones.
  • To retain the platform of leadership by delivering projects on time & within budget without compromising on quality and become a truly dependable project leader for our esteemed partners in field.
  • To continually improve our project & Quality management system and services by enriching our employees with an effective human resource Development system.


“The Condition of Being Safe from Undergoing or Causing Hurt, Injury, or Loss’’

Demanding a safe work environment creates positive, measurable results. RVCC is proud to hold a safety measure program wing to ensure every project to be accomplished with maximum safety environment. Our outstanding safety record can be attributed to our Safety Program and the commitment of all our employees to make each and every project a safe project. RVCC employs a full time Site Safety Manager to oversee and implement complete Safety program.


Riyadh Villas Contracting Est. is committed to operate its business by “Providing Civil Construction, Contracting, Landscaping, Hardscape , Electromechanical, Cladding and Maintenance Services ” with utmost care and safe work practices and accomplishes its mission by adhering to Occupational Health Safety & Environment Management Systems. Efficient working combined with health & safety are the most attended priorities of the company.

RVCC is committed to the following principles
  • Listening to the views and feedback of our clients.
  • Meeting the expectations of all its valued Clients by providing reliable and quality products and services with on time delivery.
  • Complying with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and improving the effectiveness of our Health & Safety Management Systems.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations and other commitments to which the facility subscribes.
  • Provide safe workplace by preventing accidents and occupational ill health.
  • Establishing SMART objectives & targets to achieve this policy
  • Implementing, maintaining and communicating this policy to all stakeholders.
  • Encourage Health, Safety & Environment considerations into the business planning and decisions, procurement facilities management and product support.
  • Promoting a workplace in which all employees are properly trained to comply with applicable Health & Safety laws, regulations, and procedures.

Periodically review and establish goals to demonstrate continual improvement in the facility’s Health, Safety & Environment performance.

Management believes that safety and efficient production go hand-in-hand. Following health and safety regulations manual as per International norms to prevent injury to our employees by taking all possible steps to improve working conditions and practices is a way of life in RVCC. To enforce these procedures, management makes routine checks at the work site. All workers are also expected to comply with the law and company job requirements. Our incident prevention program dots the co-operative efforts of both the workers and management in order to be successful. All employees are encouraged to recognize and eliminate hazards as and when found.

RVCC Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy and practices center on a zero-harm philosophy towards people, host communities and the environment. Although the group operates in projects with differing governance standards, it consistently enforces a standard approach to HSE and does not compromise its standards of conduct when operating in other Project. The Company's “Stop for Safety” program is a non-negotiable minimum standard for all operational businesses and is driven at all levels throughout the Operation.